Friday, June 20, 2014

Life As Of Lately


I have all these thoughts and pictures and things I want to share, and so I sit down with my laptop with the best of intentions and then all sudden 5 minutes later I'm like, "I wonder if we have any popcorn. Or Hot Tamales. I think it's time to start a new series on Netflix. Yes, it's time, let's do that."

So here is a list. Because they are fun. And easy. And my brain can handle fun & easy.

- Lincoln turned 3, Reese & Charlotte turned 8, and Ella turned 10 in these last 2 months. Remember when I used to do birthday posts? Yeah, I don't either. How do they all grow SO fast?!


- Our situation with M hasn't changed. Except for the fact that I can't really talk about it right now without getting upset. It's the same old stuff, he has family that loves him but can't seem to care for him, the court makes stupid decisions, yada yada yada. It's all very hard and very strange. The system is such a mess. I feel that he is our forever son, and I still am counting on always being his mama. My heart can't go to the thought of losing him. I just can't do it. We are trusting the Lord and believing that this boy will remain safe right where he is :).

Just know one thing, which is the most important thing. We LOVE him. Like really, really, deeply love him. Forever. Always. 

Sigh, those curls :).


- Have I mentioned we are remodeling? With 8 kids right smack in the middle of it all? It's like a party. Except not as much fun.

But seriously, I love to change things up and redecorate! We are re-doing our kitchen, and when I say "re-doing" I mean we are moving the kitchen from one side of our main floor to the other side. I'm so excited, I have wanted a kitchen like this to cook in for a LONG time. We are blowing out walls to open up the floor plan so we have more space to move in. I will be posting pictures of all this madness as we get it underway.

I've been picking up stuff along the way as we've been planning all this, and I have to share one thing that I can't wait to get on my wall…

Except you know what this means, right? I'll get that on my wall and surround it with pictures of my loves and I'll be like, "8! How fun! That's our number! We're complete!", and then the Lord will laugh hysterically and I'll need that number to be a 9…or a 12...or something. It's like I'm jinxing myself.

Lord help me.


- Speaking of adding children. Brooks is the sweetest, happiest, most squishy baby there ever was in all the land. His chubbiness knows no boundaries. He is 5 months old and I adore him. I want to hold him all day long, and I do.

I know. Don't even get me started on how much I love this chubby boy or you will never hear the end of it. I snuggle into that sweet face, I squeeze his little belly, I smell his sweet this getting weird? Sorry, I just loooove him. He is my last biological child, so I will soak up every single ounce of him. You already know this if you hang out with me on Facebook


- Summer is officially here. My brain gave up on all things related to school around the beginning of May, so it's a good thing they are out. We are hitting the pool and playing out back like it's our job. And right now, it kind of is our job

Today it rained and we stayed in pajamas all day long. Hallelujah and Amen.

Summer is glorious, isn't it?


- A couple months ago I told the husband that I needed a change. I was having trouble losing the baby weight, I didn't have anything for myself, the stress of our foster situation was crushing me, and my energy was so low that I was struggling to keep up with day to day motherhood. I told him that I needed 2 things: Something for myself that I could feel good about. And more energy. So with some encouragement from a couple friends I bought some products from AdvoCare and started on a little fitness journey. And oh friends, I wish I would've done this sooner.

I have been an athlete my whole life so this stuff was right up my alley. This fitness journey? It's my happy place right now. It's my time alone. It's my sanity. It's my JAM.

The husband and I did the 24 Day Challenge and LOVED it. He lost more than I did because men tend to do that to us women. The man asked me at one point if Fritos were considered "clean eating", yet he still had 3 pounds on me in the end. I'm not bitter. And again, if we hang out on Facebook you might already know how much I love the Spark drinks. It is from the Lord. Every sip feels like Christmas. The baby weight started to come off and my energy has sky rocketed. I am meeting goals that I feel good about, and it's exactly what I've needed lately. 

A real good distraction from the normal chaos of our life :).

I am so not comfortable with posting pics of myself. I'm real sensitive about body image and I sometimes have trouble being vulnerable. But you know what? This journey has been so fun and so refreshing, I have to share it. We all have to get out of our comfort zones at some point, right?? If it helps one person give it a try and find some happy, then it's worth it :). I randomly shared this on Facebook and received a lot of questions that I didn't really count on, and now there is a group of mom's starting the 24 Day Challenge (or something of the sort) here in the next couple weeks! I 'm going to start a private Facebook fitness group for anyone to join. We are going to encourage each other, share tips and recipes, and laugh through the journey. Because laughter is the only way to do this, friends. And humor is my thang. 

If you want to join us (or have questions about all this) you can email me at and I'll send you an invite when I get it going! You should join us, it's going to be fun!


So that's life lately. Busy, crazy, rough, but good :). Never a dull moment around these parts!

Back soon, friends!


Thoughts for the day said...

I so love your little family and I haven't even met you in person.
I pray you are able to keep little boy with curls... He is precious.
He deserves a forever home.
Would love to join your group... that is if you want to include a 'almost' 60 year old.

Marcella{The Life After "Trust Me"} said...

Still praying for baby M and your family. So glad you have found something to help build your energy up!

Marisa said...

So good to read an update. You never fail to make me laugh. I would love to see your kitchen update when it's finished!

Clever Blonde -Donna G said...

It was so lovely to hear from you. I don't know how you found the time to write that much when I had trouble finding time to read that much! It was nice, very nice. Is that Ella or you in the water sprinkler? It looks like either of you but with your skinny trim bod it def could be you. Well done. I've never heard of 24? Day challenge. Thinking I might join and see if its for me...blessings your way.